"Ha Ha what a weeb"
-Danielle, Childhood Friend
Darlee Win Kyaw is a thirteen year old girl who currently resides in Idol Hell™.

Darlee is an Aries. Aries are described as being generous, but moody. (AN: okie this is v true)

Biography Edit

Born in the pretty average climate of Toronto in 2002, Darlee is an only daughter. After her parents gave birth they found her suitable, and decided not to try again.

Once a sweet innocent little doll, Darlee has since been corrupted by an unknown foe and has been brought into the cult that is the anime fandom, working among the smut peddlers and yaoi shippers.
Darlee Furniture

just search "darlee" into google you'll see

Trivia Edit

  • subscrib fer moar @
  • Has pictures of random asian babies in her bedroom
  • Mashed Potato's is her life source whoops now you know the secret to her defeat
  • is a weeb (づ´• ᴥ •`)づ(づ✧ᴥ✧)づ
  • nibble the ear~

For all dem weebs like me