1989 Lights, Camera, Interaction!, Inc.

Video. However, please play safely. Before watching, ask your parents to help move chairs, tables, and other objects you might bump into. And please remember: don’t run, jump, or dance while playing the kazoo.


You on Kazoo.

Don’t run, jump or dance while playing the Kazoo. Thanks.


Oh! Hi. Wait a minute. Who are you? I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes I get a little… quiet, when I meet lots of new kids.

You know what? I think we’re going to be friends. Special Friends And when I’m with friends, I’d like to have fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. I like to sing, dance, pretend and Kaaazoooo.

Kaaazoooo, just Kaaazoooo it.

Can everyone say hi to my friend?

Hello. I’m Hilda.


I’m Carl.

Can we do more Kazoo?

Yah, I like to Kazoo.

Me too, Kazoo can do anything with a Kazoo, that’s crazy.

I like pretending different animals.

Let’s pretend more.

Yoo-hoo, kids. It’s me, the pretend spirit. [laughs]

Wow. I just remember this special way to get the spirit out to play.

Your hips, and your toes; kind of like you’re dancing,

I think the spirit is coming out to play. Keep pretending.

Close your eyes and just pretend and we’ll go crazy.

Pssst… Let’s go over here, just you and me. Come on.

I just want to say, thanks. I’m glad you came along, partner. I want to sing a song, just for you. ‘Cause you’re my special friend.

Special friend, Special friend. Now that I know you, now that you know me. Till the end of time and we will always be… special friends, special friends, special friends, we will be, special friends, special friends, we will be.


You’re my special friend.