"I mean, he's pretty okay, I guess"
-Danielle, after being handed $20
Jordan is a gemini, gemini's are widely regarded as the worst sign.

He's 13 and didn't hand in his english project.


Jordan is the first born of two children in the latest generation of the Hudson clan. After his birth, his parents thought they better try again.
For most of his life, Jordan went to a school I can't remember the name of. Then, upon entering grade 7 he transferred to Swansea Public School to learn french- it isn't going too well.
Now, age 13, he hasn't died. Has an average amount of friends, and nice hair. He also has top kek J's

Quotes From FriendsEdit

"Jordan? Jordan wh- oh! That one, he was a bit of a creep"
-Sierra, Former School M8
"Ehhhh, Not that great"
-Darlee, Classm8
"Ha ha I used to go to school with him what a newb"
-Nathan?? I don't really know who he is.
"He is bad at CS:GO and Black Ops 3..."
- Petar, Classm8