This is a list of memes, more specifically friend memes. Ft. Pepe & Doge.
Doge 1

Doge, from the wikipedia page Doge (meme)

The list beginsEdit

  • No Hono
  • Headornosexual
  • Gameband
  • God, Jesus & Fam
  • AyZac
  • 5 is an even number
  • TwooOoOO
  • Half of the diameter is the diam
  • Both are round
  • Slopes
  • Comic Sans
  • Prank gone wrong/ its just a prank broo
  • heh heh letchu kno
  • But Keith Told Me

Sub Catagory, Sabrina.Edit

  • Avoir
  • Articial
  • Negligable

probably more??? im tired don't hate (AN: This is not a meme)