"Robin is my favourite sidekick! He's so- wait... Robin O'Neill? Well now I'm disappointed." 
-Danielle, Superhero nerd
Upon first impression, Robin seems like the kind of guy who has a minecraft youtube channel with 158 subscribers. Its been a few months now, and it still rings true.

Probably an Aries??

Stupid bird

Robin, in his natural form.

Biography, By JordanEdit

This is the Story of Robin Lachlan O'Neill. He is a 13 year old Canadian boy with lots of... Xbox games... I think. He was born and raised in Canadia with the Dota 2 dev team while his brother was shipped to Nunavut to be trained by the elite polar bears. He went to school at Warren Park jr Public School for 8 years (he was held back) and learned practically nothing while there.

His special skills are : English work, playing Shiek, getting roasted, having 700 hours on dota and not one but two water guns at his house.

Trivia! Edit

  • Apparently doesn't like cheese on pizza??? what the fuck
  • Talked to a stranger in someones basement for an hour